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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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attorneys. they're not in any commissions, periiod. because of the opportunity that has to deal with apartments is the commissioner, or have someone else in your office deal with the commission. i will shut up. the city attorney does not have a record because there is not. >> supervisor weiner. >> you are referring to realtors and attorneys as well? >> i was. he was originated because -- routinely appeared before commission. >> are you expressing the view that realtors should not be
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serving? >> yes. >> attorneys as well? >> absolutely. >> did you oppose rafael - ? he was a very good member of the board of appeals. >> did they have any candidates in san francisco? he was in oakland. you are not allowed to practice in san francisco. >> it is inaccurate to say that land use attorney said not been on the board of appeals. >> i was not aware of it if he was practicing san francisco; i would've raise the same objection. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is dick allen and i had
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no idea i would be here today yesterday. it was a chance e-mail that i got, that got my attention to the item in the rod & gun club. my curiosity got the best of me and i went through your agenda today. there it was. number one. daryl honda. he is a neighbor of mine. i have known him for at least eight or nine years. i think daryl honda brings a unique skill set that would allow him to be very helpful as a member of the board of appeals. as i said, we are neighbors. we share an alley between 15th and 16th avenue. we have been meeting this alley for a number of years. in the beginning our conversations were about children, schools, the city
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parks, pools and lake merced. my experience of having served on the planning commission, and i recognize -- having served in those days, our conversations switch to life issues, and dr, discretionary review. it is apparent to me that darryl has a passion for san francisco; is well-trained to sort out conflicting facts. his personality and commitment to teamwork will be a big plus for our city. please approve darryl's nomination to the board of appeals. thank you. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> my name is sabrina g. shin,
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san francisco native. in chinatown i am an elder. i am on the board of chinatown's committee development; and i in the business partner of darryl honda. the only see him on committee meetings and i get the rest of them. i have been working with darryl for several years. i work in three things in a partner: us you work as hard as i do? does he have personal integrity? is he smart? he meets all three criteria. he is a number one win-win problem solver. in the board of appeals there will be any winners and losers of the losers will not feel as bad when they get the message from darryl. he has an incredible ability to read people, both said and not
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said, and intuitively can connect with people. he listens with compassion. and with heart. and ultimately delivers a message that will be clear but with kindness. another thing, as realtors we are challenge with integrity issues everyday. it happens and open houses, in offers, from colleagues. working with him i can say 100 percent that i trust them with both my life, my real estate dealings, and ultimately with all my clients. i fully endorse my colleague, darryl honda really doesn't answer an e-mail let me know and i will get on them. >> supervisor kim: public comment is now closed. (gavel) we have an appointment before us.
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we have to make a motion to amend before we follow this to the board, either a motion to approve or reject. supervisor weiner. >> i would like to make a motion to approve, to amend. approving the appointment and forwarding the board with recommendation. and i will say, i pointed this out in a question to ms. hester, the idea that it is somehow appropriate for somehow who is in the plan use world to serve in the land use commission, if someone wants to take that up they can but it is not accurate to suggest this is an anomaly. i did bring up an example of the board of appeals, if one looks at, there is a member of the planning commission now who
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is in the land use world and has clients, an appointee of our board president. if you look at the historic preservation commission, maybe not everybody but the bulk of the people on the commission are in the land use world and have clients. these are all professionals who do their best to act with complete integrity of these commissions. conflict of interest are always present for any public official and we are all very careful about that, and we recuse ourselves when necessary. i had the opportunity to meet with mr. honda and i have heard very good things about him. he seems very committed to san francisco, understands the issues and would be a valuable member of the board of appeals. i support the nomination. >> supervisor kim: we have a motion approving the mayor's
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appointment of mr. honda the board of appeals. one of the most important qualities is someone who can listen; that was brought up by our last speaker. it is important to have someone who has spent time in multiple sectors. the community offers that place; you have a background as a realtor, that it is owner; it is hard to quantify or qualify the ability to listen. i think that is something our neighbors want to see as we come up with issues that are emotional. is also great to have another san francisco native on the
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board of appeals as well. i'm happy to support the motion. we do have a motion to amend. we can do that without opposition. (gavel). we have a motion to move the item forward to the full board. it won't be heard until the first tuesday in december; i urge you to reach out to the board of supervisors as well. it will be helpful to sit down with the city attorney about any other kind of potential conflicts that may arise and you can think about this in advance. we have a motion that we can do that without opposition. thank you. (gavel) call item number two. >> (reading) >> supervisor kim: this appointee is nominated
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but our supervisor in district 8, tim doherty, this is a reappointment. supervisor wiener? >> i think earlier this year i nominated tim dougherty to the bicycle committee and he was confirmed; he is highly qualified and an active member of the advisory committee. he fill the remainder of the term. he is up for a full new term. it did not receive confirmation of the hearing until early this week and he's actually in los angeles at a bicycle related conference. he has done a great job on the advisory committee and i would like to forward to the board subject of the public comment. >> supervisor kim: you like to speak, please step up. seeing none, public comment is now closed.
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normally it is approximate list committee to have the individual speak but a)this is a reappointment, and second, is a nomination of the supervisor and the supervisor is here on his behalf. we have a motion, tim doherty, seat 8. we have a motion we can do that without a position. (gavel) please call item number three. >> (reading) >> supervisor kim: we did hear this item already at the november 1 meeting. and number of applicants could not make it. we want to give them an opportunity to come forward today. if you have spoken to the rules committee, the houses change. i did state that you would not have to come back on the rules committee today if you have already spoken. i did want to give an
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opportunity to those who were not able to make it; i know that we have one new applicant here. for these seats. i will first call leo madrid, our newest application. the format is the same; speak briefly about your background as it relates to this appointment and what you would be interested in pursuing and prioritizing. >> i joined the military out of high school, served in the u.s. navy for 10 years. my last duty station was nas alameda across the bay; it was one of the last commands. as a young sailor and visited san francisco. i live in san francisco for 15 of the last 20 years, and until
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early this year i did not have any idea that that world war ii building had anything to do with the veterans committee. to me it was always the art center, and i thought the veterans name was more ceremonial than anything else. early this year began volunteering full-time there at the veterans building, and became an integral member of the american legion. i am the eight district historian, and appointed commander of post 36. the president of the veterans affairs commission, eddie ramirez, i had similar training in organizational development and strategic planning. i attended most, not all, of
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the veterans affairs commission meeting this year. i videotaped several for historical reasons. one of the things that i see the commission can really use is an element of team strategic planning. the veterans community itself is very fragmented. i am a member of the american legion, veterans for peace, and amvet, and none of them work together. many times and have an internecine community where the veterans work against the best interest of the group rather than towards it. i kind of already and doing the job. i attend the meetings. i will continue to attend the meetings in support of the veterans affair commission in any way possible. to the biggest problems plaguing both the san francisco community and the veterans community is homelessness and suicide prevention problems. yesterday at approximately 2 p.m., at veteran walking to the
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veterans building, very distraught. his face in the present in the veterans building on a number of different occasions. yesterday he opened up his wrist, and bled out all over the hallway in the veterans building. to me this is a travesty. the believe in the community where this happens. the veterans building has over 30,000 square feet of space allocated towards veterans uses, for the most part it is empty. there is a milestone in front of us, the building will be closing down four two year seismic renovation; during that time the american legion we relegate the temporary headquarters. with the building opens up we are still faced with a similar problem.
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i will make it a priority of mine to help establish suicide and homelessness prevention programs that dovetail with the va efforts. right now the city is overtaxed. i read somewhere that 25 million dollars are spent on veteran alcohol issues. i dedicated nearly my full-time. i sacrifice my own direction as an entrepreneur, our livelihood and hopefully help revitalize his community or be part of the solution and i will continue to do that. i know there are a lot of great candidates.
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is not this appointship, maybe next time we'll see me again. >> supervisor kim: thank you. i see no questions from colleagues. thank you. i did let our applicants know that did not speak last week, i welcome them to not attend again given they already spoke, but if you are here and want to speak to the new committee members i invite you to do so. emily burnett. david adams. mary -- john gallagher. michael -- we did have two individuals that would through their applications. i'm sorry one applicant.
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creighton reed already let us know that he could not make it. he was also not here at the last meeting. you have two minutes. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm wallace levin. i am a longtime member of the veterans affairs commission. i feel it would be in the best interest of the city and county of san francisco and the veterans affairs commission if for the first time in the almost 30 year history of the commission that an attorney veteran, veteran staff member of the county veterans service office, and a city college student veteran be appointed to the commission. michael -- is a veteran and
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still reserves in the navy reserve as a jag officer. john gallagher was a marine. and a san francisco county veterans service office. leo burnett was in the navy an is an officer in the city college. 1500 are now attending classes at the city college. he would bring a direct contact with these veterans. all three are young and would bring much-needed knowledge, experience and expertise to the veterans affairs commission. with the addition of these outstanding candidates, the veterans affairs commission will be much more able to move forward our mandate to act in the best interest of veterans. thank you.
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>> supervisor kim: thank you very much. >> good afternoon committee members. i am steven - secretary of veterans affairs commission, here to speak essentially to underline the same three recommendations made by commissioner levin a moment ago. these three candidates if you mentioned bring unique capabilities and qualifications to the veterans affairs commission. as an attorney, michael mafey [sounds like] has worked with the incarcerated veterans a lot in san mateo jail and so on. one of the initiatives that we have taken in the past year, i continue to press for, is the establishment of the veterans court in the city of seven
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cisco such as they have in san diego and other places. their very successful. michael is a tremendous resource to help make this a reality. he will be very helpful on the commission. john gallagher, he has contact with hundreds and hundreds of veterans and the city who seek services through the va and the state of california, and brings a unique perspective. and his young gentleman, lee burnett is a great resource because of his connections with the universities and so on. there is another seat that will be opening up; i'm sure the committee is aware of it, it is not open now. because of his resignation. some of the other qualified candidates will have opportunity in the future. >> supervisor kim: thank you for being here again. >> my name is dottie -- i am in
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the seven cisco affairs commission, also work in the oakland center. i have nothing else to say because they took out all of the words from my mouth. michael -- and lee burnett, would be perfect additions to the commission. >> supervisor kim: thank you commissioner. >> thank you. my name is john -- and member of the veterans affairs commission. i was appointed in january, 2007, by the board of supervisors and endeavor to honor that appointment and attended every single meeting of the veterans affairs commission. i appreciate - one of the reasons i wanted to come before you - was to thank you.
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in the last two years we have seen more diverse education than ever before. no longer is a chair and white person. i look forward to the day when we have a president that is female, and that is coming. for the first time we have four women's veterans and we have the women's caucus and the commission. there are a number of issues that we have to address as veterans. i want to thank you first and foremost for the last two years of these appointments of new blood and i want to talk him half of michael mafey. i apologize for the casual attire, but i need to be a walking billboard of the sacrifices made by our veterans. michael mafey has seen 70+ veterans who are incarcerated and need help. we need a veterans court.
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the other applicant like to speak on behalf of is lee barnett. i think these two would be great additions. it is also with a sad heart, because i have come to speak on behalf of other applicants, but i need to speak against an appointment, leo madrid. >> you can finish a sentence. >> -- riddled with deception, hidden agendas. he accuses one group of indirectly being responsible for hundreds of thousands of veteran suicides and attempts. this gentleman is a loose cannon.
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>> supervisor kim: are there any other public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. (gavel) i want to thank all of the commissions and the veterans affairs commission that came today. i do want to acknowledge that we do have four women on the veterans affairs commission. that's great. we lost one. with this new seed that is opening, i hope that we can recruit more women as well. commissioner guy? i like to see the balance come up again. my colleagues at the previous rules committee, i was impressed by lee barnett; i
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appreciate your organizing work that he does as a student at city college; i know he will transfer to uc berkeley. he is engaged and active in organizing another young vets who are attending higher education; also impressed with michael mofey who works at the da office and has attended every single veterans affairs commission in the past i don't know how long. he has been an active member, and is a strong relationship with many of the commissioners here. i do want to see more diversity of course, not just women, young people, people of color. i know there are several other applicants. i do hear from the commissioners, about john gallagher. he has done his ba in social work, dissertation on homeless among veterans.
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many are in the district i represent. is a tragedy that after you serve we often wind up with an and women who end up on our streets after the service. he can provide a valuable perspective as well. are there any other thoughts? >> i can move your recommendation to move forward. >> repeat those three names again. >> first is lee barnett, in the city colleges seven ; the second is john gallagher. seat 6 is not limited to the description as long as one member has a physical disability related.
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michale mofey. >> and having to support this. >> emily burnett, michael mofey. (gavel) madam clerk can you call item number four. >> appointing one member to the market and -- advisory committee. >> supervisor kim: thank you. is nicholas wolf here? same format. talk briefly about your background as it relates to the market octavia. and your interest in serving and the areas that you might be interested in working on. >> certainly. thank you supervisors. i appreciate this opportunity to come before you today for this appointment, the market
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octavia community advisory committee. and currently the manager of small business services at lgbt community services. a lot of my businesses community services where i am typically 9-to-5, if not longer. i do a background in urban studies. i am interested in land-use planning and transportation. field right now that the way san francisco's growing this is a really pivotal time for the city. i recognize the importance of his body, the community advisory committee. previous to my role at the lgbt center, i was the director of


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